The Austin real estate market has witnessed a steady rise in home prices. Homes sold in Austin during the last three months, July thru September, were sold at a much higher price than the respective quarter in 2011.

Since the housing market crash, very few states have shown resilience, but Texas, and Austin in particular, has.  Even more encouraging is the fact that the price rise of Austin, TX homes for sale has been steady and consistent. It isn’t a sharp rise overnight nor was there a drastic fall.

The price increase of Austin, TX homes for sale may be a welcome sign for property owners and individuals considering selling their home, but home buyers can appreciate the market change as well. Mortgage rates are still the lowest we’ve seen in years, the housing market recovery insinuates job growth and overall well-being of the community, and many home services are still being offered at a discount.

In addition to the price increase, foreclosures and delinquent mortgages are slowing down. This means that if you are looking to flip a house or invest in a rental property, buy now while they are still available. You can capitalize on the foreclosed or bank-owned properties in the market, and reap the benefits of appreciation of Austin, TX homes for sale.

The steady and consistent rise of home prices across the Austin real estate market enables home buyers to rest assured that their investment is subject to appreciation rather than depreciation other states are still faced with. A recovering and promising real estate market is finally here!