Are You Ready to Put Your Home on the Market?

Listing your home with an experienced and professional Real Estate Team like ours can make a tremendous difference in the ability to sell your home in a timely manner and for a fair price. Selling a home effectively in today’s market includes many factors. Outstanding web visibility with incredible photography is a top priority to capture contemporary homebuyer’s interest. You can be certain that your home will be showcased using many marketing strategies including an Internet technology that far outshines competitors to put your property in the brightest spotlight possible.

Selling your home quickly and for the best price possible will be our primary objective as your Realtor. Through our combined 50+ years of expertise, we can highlight the unique features and allure of your home to appeal to the broadest audience achievable. We pledge to demonstrate dependability, integrity and fortitude during the process of selling your home.

Keeping You Informed and Creating Results

Another way we remove risk from our service model is through our Communication Guarantee. You see, many sellers report that they almost never hear from their agent after they list their home. We don’t understand how those agents are able to stay in business, but it does happen. As a top Austin real estate team, we’ve helped over 1,000 families who have had this experience, and enabled them to feel more confident about selling again in the future. We take pride in our open lines of communication, both with our buyers and our sellers.

Our contact schedule puts us in touch with sellers each week on Thursday and Friday afternoons between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. We use this time to update our clients about the marketing on their home that week, the response rate, what’s planned for the next week, feedback from agents who showed their home, and market conditions that might affect their sale. This is also a great time for sellers to ask us questions.

As you can tell, we’re serious about communicating with our clients. So serious in fact, that we guarantee that clients who have signed a listing agreement with us will hear from us every single week. If there’s ever a week where you don’t hear from us with an update on the marketing of your property, we’ll give you $100 in cash at closing. And, we’ll give you $100 for each time it happens!

In more than ten years of practicing real estate, we’ve never had to pay anyone on our Communication Guarantee. And we’ll work hard to keep that from happening – you have our word on it! In our experience, the biggest fear most sellers have when listing their home with a real estate agent is whether they’re choosing the right one. They wonder, “Will this agent do a good job?” “Will this agent represent my interests before their own?” “Will this agent communicate with us?”

In an effort to remove some of the fear from your choice to work with me and my team, we’ve instituted a Listing Cancellation Policy. It’s very simple – no fancy language, and no small print.

Listing Cancellation Policy:

When you list your home with The Russell Martin Home Selling Team, you can cancel your listing contract with us at any time. Simply call us and it will be removed from the MLS system within 48 hours.

That’s it. Could it be any easier or more stress-free? We stand behind our service. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you are released from your contract with us.

In more than ten years of practicing Real Estate and over 1,000 Homes Sold in the Austin Area, we’ve never had anyone ask for a release from listing their Austin Area home with us. We work hard to keep that from happening. You have our word on it! By creating demand! In order to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the shortest time, you and your Realtor must create demand. It’s that simple.

At The Russell Martin Home Selling Team, we specialize in full service premier marketing and sales tactics and strategies designed to create demand, including our extensive online marketing strategy. In today’s technology-driven market, if your Realtor is not marketing your home online, to its fullest potential, you are missing most buyers.

The Russell Martin Home Selling Team is the #1 Team in Austin for RE/MAX, the #1 Real Estate company in the World! It pays to go with #1- Our listings sell for over 99% of list price on average in an average of One Half of the time that it takes other Agents to sell properties! Let's get started!